Special opportunities for small and medium businesses

When opening an account in our Bank, you will receive: favorable rates, acquiring for trade and service organizations and all the advantages of Business Banking

Business Card

Business card is a convenient tool for running a successful business. Simplification of the company's storage and capital management system is the main task of the business card. Also, owners can make various purchases, withdraw or transfer money, pay entertainment expenses and much more.


Effective modern investment models developed by financial analysts and portfolio managers at United BTC Bank give the opportunity to cover all the needs of the investor, from individual portfolios to equity participation in the funds.

International loans

Use credit products of the global financial system through the capabilities of our Bank.

The clients of United BTC Bank have the opportunity to receive a full range of credit products, including financing.

Investment Banking Services for the Extractive Industries

Based on the unique experience of working with the world's largest mining companies, UnitedBTC Bank offers a special package of investment banking services.

A highly qualified team is able to implement investment projects of any complexity using international experience and modern financial instruments.

Bank customers can use such complex services:

  • - M & A counseling;
  • - Direct investment in projects / assets in the extractive industries;
  • - Asset Management / Operational Consulting.

For questions and suggestions: info@unitedbtcbank.com

Project and Structured Finance

The analytical team of UnitedBTC Bank has expertise in industry sectors of the economy and has extensive experience working with various market participants, structuring transactions taking into account the market situation, trends in a particular industry, the specifics of projects and their initiators.

The clients of UnitedBTC Bank are medium and large businesses in the field of project and structured financing. The Bank has extensive experience in working with foreign financial institutions, including development banks and export credit agencies.

Structural financing

  • - credit repurchase (LBO / MBO) - financing the acquisition of a company with recourse to its assets;
  • - recapitalization and refinancing;
  • - services for the development of individual structural financing solutions in order to implement the development strategy of companies, taking into account the emerging needs and tasks of shareholders.

IPO organization

UnitedBTC Bank has accumulated vast experience of participation in primary (IPO) and secondary (SPO) placement of shares, which allows us to offer highly qualified services in this area.

Key benefits of organizing an IPO with UnitedBTC Bank:

  • - Organization of basic and subsequent placement of "turnkey";
  • - Placement takes place among a wide range of Russian and foreign investors;
  • - Listing on the leading platforms of the world financial market;
  • - Large-scale marketing campaign aimed at creating and consolidating a brand.

Within these projects, UnitedBTC Bank acts as an organizer, which gives the issuer additional guarantees of the success of the placement.

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17 апр 2019

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15 апр 2019

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11 апр 2019

Priorities United BTC Bank

Skills and innovations

Innovation and skills are key components for sustainable growth. They play an important role in ensuring long-term competitiveness.

Available financing

Small and medium enterprises are important indicators of global growth, innovation and employment. The international finance market is able to solve all business needs.


Infrastructure is a component that unites domestic markets and economies. These projects play an important role in ensuring competitiveness and financial stability.

Financial climate

The interaction of all areas involved in creating financial attractiveness, measures and actions aimed at the right way to build the most transparent investment projects.