Trust Management with UnitedBTC

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Trust management

Professional risk managers, analysts, lawyers and successful investors, who earn their whole life on deposits, know how to invest money in order to earn income and avoid possible losses.

Therefore, in UBB you will receive:

  • Consultations by professional managers, analytical support and regular reporting.
  • The possibility of investing in blue chips and other premium tools
  • The best conditions for commission fees
  • Any convenient form of interaction for the client

Minimum fees and other expenses for transactions

Positive feedback from hundreds of investors who have entrusted their capital to us

Analytical support and ongoing reporting on all transactions

Analytical support from UBB

Analytical support with United BTC Bank

The owners of brokerage accounts and IIS have access to exclusive daily updated investment recommendations and professional investment analytics on financial markets, economic sectors and individual companies from United BTC Bank - the best analytical team of Russia in the international investor survey.


12 directions


110 companies

Published annually

2 500 reviews