UnitedBTC investment portfolios

Choose the best investment portfolios in 2018

Investment portfolio - maximum profitability and risk diversification

Investment portfolios have two main objectives: ensuring maximum stable profits and minimizing the possibility of losing assets. Our experts distribute capital to different products and tools, reliably protecting funds, and providing a higher than average income for the market. What are the advantages of a portfolio:

  • - Creating conditions for the safety of funds. When some tools and products included in the portfolio, bring losses, then the profit from others fully compensates for them. This principle works in all market conditions.
  • - Ensuring high and stable profits. Experts invest in reliable and highly profitable tools.

When forming portfolios are used the main principles of asset allocation. First of all, a large proportion of the funds is invested in one or more fixed assets characterized by stability and high liquidity. Another part of the work in the assets of companies that have proven themselves as the most reliable market participants, it allows you to protect capital from inflation. And the third, the minimum part of the portfolio, is invested in high-yield, but risky investments. They can bring high profits, but in case of failure, the loss will not affect the overall balance.

We have collected for you portfolios of the most profitable industries. The distribution of assets is carried out taking into account all factors that may affect the situation on the market. Experts use reliable and proven schemes to ensure your investments bring the highest possible profit.


Consumer sector

Consumer sector - the best package for a stable profit. The commodity sector is one of the most popular at the moment, with every year interest in it increases. Proper distribution of assets and the use of innovative tools allows you to consistently earn income.

"Global Brands"


Package Securities - an opportunity to earn on the growth of prices of shares of various companies. Professionally designed investment strategy allows to ensure high profitability, liquidity and portfolio security. Diversification policy helps the owner to achieve their goals as efficiently as possible.


Currency assets

Guaranteed currency income for a long time is a package of Currency assets. It will allow you to earn on fluctuations in rates Currency is a fairly reliable asset, as it is relatively resistant to market events. The use of modern tools of trading and hedging allows you to make a profit with minimal risk.


Crypto Saving

The Crypto Save portfolio is an opportunity to invest and receive income from fluctuations in cryptocurrency rates. At the moment, the crypto portfolio attracts more and more investors, because with proper distribution of assets on it, you can get high profits. Our specialists make a portfolio of only well-established and reliable digital currencies, constantly analyzing new promising and potentially profitable. A contribution to Crypto Saving guarantees a stable income with minimal risk.