Choose the best investment deposits in 2018

UBB Investment Bank offers its customers to use the services of a subsidiary, UnitedCryptoBank. The main activity of which is the provision of cryptocurrency services. At the moment, it is one of the most reliable and profitable investment niches where you can fully realize the potential of both investors and traders.

What opportunities for clients and opens up cooperation with UnitedBTC Bank:

  • - Electronic cryptographic card in which you can create accounts, make payments, exchange cryptocurrency;
  • - Release of plastic cryptocards. Settlement, cash withdrawal at almost any bank in the world, receiving discounts and bonuses, buying cryptocurrency - all these opportunities and many other bonuses are received by cardholders;
  • - The possibility of investing and trading on the cryptocurrency exchange. With the help of efficient tools and well-built tactics, customers can successfully invest in cryptocurrency or use ready-made solutions - cryptocurrency and investment portfolios;
  • - Invest in ISO to be launched in 2019.

UBB subsidiary opens up a lot of opportunities for clients to invest in all markets, not only in the cryptocurrency market, and provides a full set of tools necessary for successful transactions.

United BTC bank CryptoWallet

Cryptocurrency Exchange

Exchange between all popular currencies with a few clicks. Instant sending from one currency to another.

Universal Cryptowallet

Access to use Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Peercoin, Dash, Ethereum, Decred, Zcash, Syscoin, Faircoin, Gamecredits, Gridcoin and Blackcoin from one wallet - United Btc Wallet. Easy and simple using web interface. No additional software download.

Investment portfolios

Investments in promising industries and areas of the economy

Consumer sector

Consumer sector - the best package for a stable profit. The commodity sector is one of the most popular at the moment, with every year interest in it increases. Proper distribution of assets and the use of innovative tools allows you to earn income with minimal risk.


Package "Securities" - the ability to earn on the growth of stock prices of various companies. Professionally designed investment strategy allows to ensure high profitability, liquidity and portfolio security. The diversification policy helps the owner to achieve his goals with minimal risk.

Currency assets

Guaranteed currency income for a long time is a package of “Currency assets”. Currency is a fairly reliable asset, as it is relatively resistant to market events. The use of modern tools of trading and hedging allows you to make a profit with minimal risk.

Contributions to Industry

Under the influence of the world industrial revolution, cyber technologies are actively integrated into the real sectors of the world economy. Package "Contributions to Industry" gives you the opportunity to invest in advanced technologies. Shares of leading leaders in the field of innovation will ensure a stable profit for the years ahead.

Cryptocurrency feature


Cryptocurrency is a completely decentralized system that does not depend on financial institutions or on the state. The entire structure consists of many personal computers around the world, which form a large information network.


All operations with a cryptocurrency can be carried out by anyone without any permission. Unlike banks and exchangers, transactions are carried out very quickly and for a small commission.


Storing, exchanging, selling or buying a cryptocurrency is completely anonymous information. No one can track participants in transactions.


Thanks to the blockchain technology, virtual currency is protected. The block system is designed so that all transactions are conducted along a chain, sequentially recording data that is stored on multiple computers.

Invest in cryptocurrency

Trust management

Professional risk managers, analysts, lawyers and successful investors, who earn their whole life on deposits, know how to invest money in order to earn income and avoid possible losses.