Corporate card

A handy tool to run a successful, prosperous business

VISA / MasterCard Business

Simplification of the company's storage and capital management system is the main task of the business card. Holders can use plastic to make various purchases, withdraw or transfer money, pay entertainment expenses and much more.

Advantages of a corporate card for business:

  • - The ability to link several cards to one account at once;
  • - Separation of personal and corporate expenses. With the card, you can pay any expenses of the company, which will greatly facilitate the maintenance of accounting records;
  • - cost control. On the card, you can set a limit. In addition, at any time you can get statements on all transactions;
  • - Savings. After issuing the card, it will be possible to refuse to issue accountable funds through the cashier, which will reduce collection costs;
  • - Reliable protection of finance. After completing a business card, there is no need to store large amounts of cash at the cash desk or with you. Even in case of loss of plastic money will not be lost, because the card can be quickly blocked and re-issued;
  • - Save time. Employees of the company will be able to save time, paying with a card for purchases.

With a business card, you can greatly simplify the mass of calculations for companies. It is suitable for payment in terminals and making online purchases.