Internet banking

Detailed information about Internet banking

Remote maintenance

Clients who have not passed the verification or partially verified get access to the account with disabilities:

  • - At any time, check the balance on accounts of any type;
  • - Apply for opening bank card accounts;
  • - Deposit and control the balance of your accounts;
  • - To monitor all transactions;
  • - Save the documentation of settlement transactions;
  • - Freely convert currency (cryptocurrency);
  • - Freely transfer funds between your own accounts;
  • - Monitor the status of the investment portfolio and its profitability;
  • - Conduct correspondence through an internal secure chat with a personal manager, support service.

Access to the system is possible through the personal account of a United BTC Bank client. Access is possible from any browser and any operating system.

Full verification

After completing the full verification, the client gets a wider access to the capabilities of the bank in terms of investments, trading, transactions and any other operations.

Full verification involves verifying the identity of a United BTC Bank customer. Full verification of identity is a requirement of international regulators.

After completing a full verification, the bank guarantees full protection of personal data against any access by third parties. It is also guaranteed that it is impossible to provide personal data of the client to third parties or to disclose data on any operations of the client.

Full verification greatly simplifies working with accounts and allows you to conduct banking operations with United BTC Bank more quickly, including crediting funds to accounts or withdrawing / debiting funds from accounts.