Currency transactions

Detailed information about transactions with currencies in our bank

Types of currency transactions

ORDER transactions

The ORDER transaction involves the sale / purchase of cryptocurrencies at a predetermined rate, which is different from the current market. When the cryptocurrency rate on the market reaches the specified value, the transaction is executed automatically (ORDER works around the clock).

The order is placed on the market only after receiving the order from the client (issued as an order), and if there are funds in the current account.

After receipt of the application from the client, the amount indicated in the order is frozen in the client’s account.

After placing the order on the market, the client is sent a notification that his order has been accepted for execution and is working. After the execution of the order, the client receives a notification, respectively, about the execution.

In addition to the price and amount of cryptocurrency, in the ORDER transaction it is also indicated its expiration date. The order for its execution may be withdrawn ahead of schedule during the bank's working hours (from 9.00 to 18.00 on weekdays). The minimum transaction amount is 100,000 USD (or equivalent in another cryptocurrency). The order can be accepted from 9.00 to 18.00 on weekdays.

ORDER transactions are of two types:

Take Profit is designed to get a positive result when the currency pair reaches the predicted rate.

Stop Loss - designed to reduce potential losses in an open position in the event of an unfavorable movement of the currency pair.

Automatic conversion of cryptocurrency

This service allows you to apply for a permanent automatic conversion of funds on the client's account.

You can automatically convert:

  • - all incoming funds from one cryptocurrency to another;
  • - incoming funds in one cryptocurrency to the established balance in another cryptocurrency;
  • - all incoming funds, exceeding the established balance in one currency, into another cryptocurrency.

United BTC Bank works with such currencies

Currency code Title Volume (USD)
BTC Bitcoin $109 853 440 486
ETH Ethereum $20 364 931 045
XRP Ripple $18 042 046 663
BCH Bitcoin Cash $7 367 447 840
EOS EOS $4 710 661 285
XLM Stellar $4 198 582 874
LTC Litecoin $2 933 142 915
ADA Cardano $1 806 987 400
USDT Tether $1 803 735 263
XMR Monero $1 719 682 910