Internet acquiring

Detailed information about the Internet acquiring system in UnitedBTC Bank

Internet Acquiring Services

Internet acquiring is a service that allows trade and service organizations to make payments to customers on the Internet. It turns out acquiring banks, processing centers and electronic payment systems.

The main advantage of banking Internet acquiring over electronic payment systems is the reliability of payments. The security of transactions is ensured by modern protection technologies, such as 3D-Secure from VISA and SecureCode from MasterCard. But, despite the fact that payment takes place according to a special protocol, any payment transactions on the Internet are still associated with a high risk of fraudulent activities, and therefore this service is not very developed and popular today.

Moreover, according to the requirements of almost all payment systems (for example, VISA and MasterCard), the company responsible for the payment of fines and penalties is the responsibility of the company that sells the goods or services. If the organization is not able to repay the liabilities, the responsibility most often lies with the bank.

Therefore, the cost of banking online acquiring compared with shopping is higher.

To receive payments by plastic cards on the Network, an organization must sign a corresponding agreement with the bank. The conditions for the provision of Internet acquiring are determined by the credit institution on an individual basis for each client.

When choosing a bank, you need to find out the following nuances in the terms of the contract:

  • - Is it necessary to open an account in a bank;
  • - whether the opening of a security deposit is required;
  • - paid or free connection to the system;
  • - Is there a processing solution on the bank side? Well, if the bank has its own processing center. The amount of commission in this case is lower, and issues arising in the process of servicing bank cards will be resolved more quickly;
  • - the value of the acquiring commission (may be on average from 2% to 6% for each successful operation);
  • - the size of the bank's commission on chargeback operations, on return operations and for conducting a transaction;
  • - the term for crediting funds to the company's settlement account (as a rule, on the third day after the transaction).

It is also necessary to take into account that payment systems impose certain requirements on organizations wishing to use the Internet acquiring service, the observance of which is monitored by the bank. For example, to the scope of their activities. Financial institutions may refuse to service companies that are engaged in gambling, selling medicines, tobacco products, etc.

Or, say, businesses that distribute audio and video products need to have contracts with copyright holders. Requirements may be made to the company's website - for example, it must contain complete and up-to-date information on prices for goods sold, etc.