Trading Acquiring

Detailed information about the merchant acquiring system at UnitedBTC Bank

Trade acquiring is not a fashion, but a necessary step to increase sales!

The most popular worldwide cashless system of mutual settlement of the buyer and the seller using the payment terminal, whereby the money goes immediately to the seller’s bank account, bypassing the mandatory cash collection procedure and completely eliminating the risk of accepting a counterfeit bill. Studies show that owners of "plastic wallets" are more prone to spontaneous purchases and are ready to spend an average of 20% more than planned, thereby increasing the total profit of the seller’s business.

Trading acquiring at UBB Bank is a real profit without any formalities!

  • - Free toolkit - the bank provides for the use of modern POS-terminals for free.
  • - Increasing the speed of carrying out trading and settlement operations - receiving funds to the bank account of the seller no later than 10:00 of the next trading day after the transaction through the POS-terminal.
  • - Dynamic sales growth - an increase in cash flow due to the attraction of solvent consumers - holders of bank cards of well-known international payment systems.
  • - Guaranteed security of payment - reducing to zero the probability of loss, theft, fire and even cashier’s mistakes.
POS-terminal installation Free
Commission on operations conducted through the POS-terminal 1.9% of the transaction amount + 1.5 Euro
Monthly fee 300 rub
Issue of a corporate card Free
Cash withdrawal fee using a corporate card 0.5% of the amount
Accrual of interest on the balance of the corporate card 5,0%
Size "Blitz overdraft" 30% of your current account balance

Three steps “Connecting to merchant acquiring at UBB Bank”

  • - The company enters into an acquiring agreement with the bank.
  • - Bank employees register business outlets in the bank’s system, prepare and set up the necessary equipment, train employees on how to work with bank cards and payment terminals, develop and offer a marketing support plan.
  • - After connecting and testing the equipment, the company starts accepting bank card payments from the moment it is launched.