Bank strategies

UnitedBTC Bank Development Strategies

United BTC Bank's development strategy for 2017–2019

The main activity of United BTC Bank is the provision of banking services using the most advanced technologies of the financial sector (blockchain). Thus, the bank strongly supports the development of financial technologies, progress in cryptocurrency markets, actively participates in their implementation in various areas of life and helps in the development of promising projects in the field of ICO.

Only high technology

We at United BTC Bank are deeply convinced that the cryptocurrency sector of the global economy is key to the development of technology, industry, education, and other industries. Therefore, we believe that this sector deserves great attention from all structures of society and innovative enterprises on the latest blockchain platforms. This opportunity is given to humanity by the cryptocurrency market, which over the past 2 years have received wide publicity.

We are also convinced that getting rid of the remnants of the past will accelerate not only the development of the financial sector, but also overall technical progress. Therefore, our Bank has refused a wide network of bank branches, and the savings have been used to pay customer fees and invest in promising projects in the financial sector of the economy. Thus, bank customers receive only the best, and only profitable projects that give good interest on the output.

When servicing clients, we use the most modern technologies and strategies. The bureaucracy in UBB is reduced to a minimum. Our clients do not have to make the same data in the dozens of forms, the data that does not differ in any way. The client does not need to carry a certificate from another bank. The blockchain system itself is already a huge database in the clear, which is a new stage in the development of the financial sector - full transparency for all market participants!

Investing and trading

In addition to providing classic banking services, United BTC Bank allows you to invest, transfer capital in trust or independently trade in the market. Investments are possible not only in existing financial assets, but also cryptocurrency and promising ICO projects.

In the direction of trading and investment, UBB relies on new technologies, which make it possible to generate high returns with low volatility and risk shares. We also want to note that, despite the high volatility of the cryptocurrency market, the client will be able to earn in a short time and not lose his deposit, due to strong price jumps for the same BTC.

Customer service

We strive for the closest cooperation and make sure that you understand the essence of all functions used by specialists. Each client can get advice from a personal manager during working hours.