Bank history

History UnitedBTC Bank (experience in working with clients, which is confirmed by years of successful interaction).

In 2018, United BTC Bank was rebranding. The site, client’s personal account, logo and corporate style were completely redesigned, but the bank’s policy remained the same - development of financial technologies of the future in the blockchain area.

2017 is the most successful year for United BTC Bank. Due to the sharp growth of the cryptocurrency market and the development of the ICO industry, the bank was able to achieve high results in investing, as well as open its own trading platform. However, the volatility of the cryptocurrency market has made its own adjustments, in connection with which the Bank is now completely customer-oriented and carries out its full financial security in conducting operations with cryptocurrencies.

In early 2016, UnitedBTC Bank invested over $ 10 million in ICO projects. The bank also became the holder of a large portfolio of such cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and others. Investing in cryptocurrency mining companies brought the company a net income of $ 8.4 million for 2016.