About bank

General information about UnitedBTC Bank: advantages, financial statements, information for the media.

Activities of United BTC Bank

Founded in 2016, UnitedBTC Bank is an officially registered bank in the European Union. It provides all the range of services necessary for individuals and legal entities, including operations with cryptocurrency. In addition to banking services, UnitedBTC Bank provides investment services for private and corporate clients. In its activities, the bank relies on modern technologies of protection, blockchain, transaction processing and the latest banking standards.

UnitedBTC Bank is a subsidiary of Future World Finance Bank of Australia - one of the largest banks in Australia, which works with companies of the technological sector of the Australian economy. From 2017, UBB will become a fully independent bank and all decisions made by the FWFBA regarding UBB are now exclusively advisory in nature.

Services provided by UnitedBTC Bank

The bank issues crypto currency cards with various opportunities for private and corporate clients. The bank provides high-class technical support, and also blocks suspicious transactions in order to avoid unwanted expenses.

United BTC Bank also provides cards for investors specifically designed to increase your capital. Each card has the ability to customize detailed reporting and transactions. With its help various transactions, payment of any bills, and also payment of wages can be carried out. Crypto employee cards allow you to keep up with the times and enjoy all the benefits of crypto currencies.